Ron English

In the museum were several pieces of Mr. English’s work. He became famous with his pop art on well known figures. He deforms the characters to show how much their meaning has changed from child-friendly to consumer products.

In all honestly, I do not like pop art. I find it cheap, unoriginal, and tacky. Although Ron’s methods on creating these banners are complex- having to do with sculpting, painting, photo manipulation and many others- I still find it rather non-inspirational. There was one piece I did like, however. It was a portrait having to do with the Spanish civil war, during world war two. In the center was a boy in an aviator’s outfit looking serious and upset. He appeared to be riding a toy plane. Surrounding the boy were individuals which reminded me of Picasso. It was titled Grande School Guernica.

I also liked a piece of an original character of his. Yin Yang, was an image on vinyl of a boy with the Taoism symbol painted on his face. There were words such as “Abortion” and “Mother’s Nightmare”, found on the piece. I found it interesting compared to the others and it was the second to capture my eye.

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