Day Born

Once upon a time, the world was in darkness. Within that darkness were creatures. These creatures had different sorts of abilities. The most common was to see in the dark. One day a foolish deity allowed his older brother to trick him into believing that these creatures were suffering and scared in the dark. He thought long and hard until he came up with an idea. He created a wide blanket of fire to light up the darkness. He hung it up in the sky when most of the creatures were awake. The light was so bright and very harsh on these poor creatures’ eyes. Especially the ones with the power to see in the dark.


Blinded and in pain, the creatures ran from the world they had loved and hid deep within the ground. When the ones that had stayed woke up, they blinked their eyes several times in wonder. What was this strange new world? It felt and smelled like home, but it didn’t look the same. One little girl called out for her mother, unknowing that the woman had to flee from the intense pain. Abandoned by their friends and families, the remaining creatures were filled with sorrow while the ones that fled were full of rage and hate. Why did they have to suffer by this new light?


Realizing his mistake, the deity thought long and hard on how to remedy this tragedy. He didn’t know how to pull off the blanket that had been glued tightly to the sky. Seeing his pain, his little sister wove a blanket of her own. Attaching it to the ends of his blanket, she hung a cloth of night. Instead of perpetual darkness, however, she added millions of dots of light within its silk. Watching as the blanket rotated with the sky, the two siblings smiled as the families were reunited.

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