Louisiana has many cultural influences upon it from it’s long history of being occupied by Native American, French, Spanish, German, English, African and Italian settlements. These people have blended together to create two distinct but similar styles: Cajun and Creoles.

Cajun cooking has been described as country cooking and tends to have a robust and earthy taste. Such foods popular in Cajun cuisine include Gumbo, Chicken Maquechoux and Cajun Omelet. It is mostly based on food that is indigenous to the area and features mostly one-pot meals with a hefty variety of ingredients. The term Cajun applies to both a geographical area and the people who come from it. Cajun people are well known for their hospitality.

Creole cooking began in New Orleans and is considered the city food of Louisiana. It was created by sharing cooking styles and is more sophisticated and complex than Cajun cooking. The word Creole was first given to new arrivals from Europe who were generally wealthy and educated as well as bringing many European customs and traditions. Creole foods include the Muffuletta, Creole Jambalaya and Beignets.

There is many hunting to be made profitable in Louisiana setting from the early 1700s and 1800s. There is many opportunities to catch wild turkey, duck, partridge and quail as well as fishing for catfish. Coming from both freshwaters and pond raised this species of fish is very abundant.



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