Pumpkin Ales

Only seen as a seasonal item, Pumpkin Ales are released around the fall and winter times. Each is brewed differently, yet most are spiced with seasonings such as pumpkin pie spice, ground ginger, nutmeg cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. Some brewers like to add chunks of pumpkin inside the mash, while others use puree or pumpkin flavorings and extracts. The Ale itself is normally mild with little to no bitterness. Varying on what it is spiced with several are more malty than others. Many will contain a starchy, slightly thick-ish, mouthfeel too. The Top five brands of Pumpkin Ale are Schlafly Pumpkin Ale, Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, Cigar City Good Gourd, New Belgium Pumpkick, and Timmermans Pumpkin Lambicus.



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