Chapter 1

The way technology has advanced has changed the playing field for many fields. This is an undisputed truth. The advancement of writing on the internet has done many marvels such as: making publication far easier to reach; bringing audience and author closer together for both feedback and resolve; spreading a message to a much wider audience; easier access to editing software and tools; etc.

            There is no doubt in my mind that this it is true, but it is also very easy to get lost on the way. There are now many more possibilities and route to choose that the choice can be overwhelming to authors, especially if the author is in the process of their first publication. With the ease of access comes the competition of standing out and being chosen by readers.

            The internet is a very vast place and can hold a lot of negative in it, as well as the positive. To say that browsing is turning minds to mush is a little extreme in that mindset. It really all depends on what is being read and if it catches the audience’s attention. Can’t blame poor readership on flashing lights and low attentions spans. Sometimes the reader wants to be engaged with. Sometimes a visual helps keep the focus on the work. Sometimes the reader just wants a casual experience and not have to go through all the bells and whistles. Each reading experience is unique in this day and age. If you don’t stand out, than you need to adapt.

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