Chapter 2

There seems to be a cold reality and harsh truth in the second chapter that clearly points out the difficulties of living off of publications. Making the book is the just first part of the process and not the clear way to profit. A lot of novice and first time authors might not know the difficult task beyond publishing. They could be facing hopeless avenues and aspirations. There are many ways to navigate the marketing world and if not careful, one can get overwhelmed. 

 After that an aspiring author must market and network with the public to find their intended audience. Venues such as the People’s Poetry Festival. Places like this is where one can offer readings as well as circulate and trade books with other writers, meet and engage with potential readers, and exchange information. When not in person, an author must also incorporate an influence online through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. as well as personal blogs, literary magazines and features.. 

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