Writing Exercise

  1. Two creatures searching for their respective families.
  2. The Boy who is generous and wants to find berries for his sister. The Wolf who is understanding and wants to find his way home.
  3. In a time where communication is possible between all creatures on Earth.

Back in a time when animals and humans weren’t enemies and could communicate, there was a boy. He had a loving family and great friends. One day he wonders into the forest to search for berries for his little sister. He gazes upon all the trees and flowers around the path. As a small mouse caught his eye he got curious and decided to follow it. The small mouse scurried around in search of food for its nest.
“Will you please spare a berry?” it asked as he finally caught up to it. Agreeing, the little boy handed the mouse one of his red berries. After saying its thanks, the mouse scurried back into a bush. Looking around him the boy realized he had become lost. Afraid and confused he wondered through the trees while whistling to a tune the birds had taught him when he was younger. After a long time, a wolf jumped out from a bush and growled at him.
“Go away!” it said. The boy watched it in slight fear. He didn’t know why this wolf was bearing his fangs at him.
“I’m looking for my family.” The boy explained. Nodding in understanding the wolf agreed to help him search. Not long after that the boy and the wolf became fast friends. The boy had learned that the wolf had lost his way as well. With the goal to help one another in mind, they both searched the forest, together.

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