Letters to Ethan 1

Dear Ethan,

Where I am at life right now, could be described as divided. 

This will mark a little over a year since I’ve moved to Corpus Christi and I still don’t know if I will describe myself as a resident. 

I’ve kept my mailing address as my hometown, but with my newest apartment being a more permanent choice to live in, I’ve run out of reasons to not change that.

I can never say I will move back to Edinburg. 

The thought of it sends dread into my veins and a death like fog over my heart. 

I can never return to where I grew up as a resident… 

But try as I might, I do not feel like I belong to Corpus Christi. 

It’s as if the city itself rejects me and I do not want to know why. 

I am more alone than ever, yet I still feel free from all that I’ve left behind…

Lost in thought, 



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