Letters to Ethan 3

Dear Ethan,

The city zooms back in forth in this day and I stand by the wayside watching it go by. 

Does the city still not love me? 

Time and space and darkness and light and on and on I can see follow my ever waking life. 

Along the winding roads and the bustling cityscape I feel a shadow looming over me. 

Over my thoughts. 

Over my heart. 

Over my Corpus. (Not my Corpus. Never my Corpus.) 

The corner of my life is still a blur to those around me that do not notice yet how I have become apart of it. 

I take form in a city that does not know me, yet I know it dearly. 

I’ve known it from visiting often in childhood. 

From spending the day in teenhood. 

From vacationing in young adulthood. 

I spent my time in the background hoping to become a part of it… 

And yet when I finally made it possible, my heart was no longer in it. 

No  longer in my Corpus. (Not my Corpus. Never my Corpus.)

Forever No More,


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