Letters to Ethan 4

Dear Ethan

I arrived to Corpus in the Fall.

Beatiful seaside coastline.

Fresh soaring whirling wind.

Summer sun softened by a winter’s kiss. 

i was enticed to stay by that wondrous Autumn.

I first lived through the winter.

The nipping cold that surrounds the cheeks of my face.

Crackling, sizzling, roasting heat of a welcomed fire.

The chilly air that fills my lungs like water in the dark gulf bay.

I am awakened by the boisterous Spring.

Lillies, bonnets, clovers, mushrooms and poppies

Blooming despite knowing what is to come.

Nature luscious and resilient.

Summer, oh Summer, of Corpus Christi…

How you beat me down before I can acknowledge your start.

Crisp waves in days and warm surf’s at night.

Sand carried in the wind to meet new tides.

Five Seasons too much?,


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