The latching rubs against the steel 

as it stubbornly tries to keep it’s grip. 

It comes off with a pop almost no ear can hear. 

Place it on the counter, 

it’s moment to come is not yet. 

Jab the steel beam into the scar of the soft flesh. 

Inside it may poke and prod against closed skin 

before finding the hole on the other side. 

Breaking free of skin the steel beam gleams in 

the open air, before being smothered again by 

the rubber latching. 

It hangs limply onto the soft flesh it was placed on. 

Another latching is waiting it’s turn on the table as 

its own metal partner finds it mark in the ear. 

When the two meet again, they shall be ready 

to catch the attention of others around them. 

It is picked up, carefully, to not be dropped before 

coming face to face with it’s own steel beam. 

Clinging on with a gentle kiss, never wanting to come

 loose again.

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