Over the years of growing up, I’ve seen my 

     grandmother work on her garden.

Plant flowers,

Bedded grass,

Laid out brickwork for a pathway,

Created arches out of the vines encasing the


Tame bushes and much more. 

She’ll convince my grandfather that they would

      like a new pathway around the house

and they needed to gather supplies for cement. 

She would add a raised bed to showcase the 

      more delicate flora. 

It was a garden that I can get lost in. 

Some place where a can have a nook 

to separate me from the rest of the world.

A place I could curl up with a good book. 

Maybe even a small fountain or coop where

     outdoor pet could be kept. 

Would the pets be lazy and sleep in the bushes?

How much work and money goes into planning 

     the perfect garden?

There was so much she had done to improve 

      the garden.

I would wonder when that would be enough. 

To this day she still works on that garden…


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